Annadel Park

Lawndale Trail 10 am
Lawndale Trail 12 noon

Lawndale Road to Marsh/Ridge Junction – Next weekend is the Bear Creek Trail Half Marathon which I am hoping to complete in under four hours.  Today was dedicated to a practice.  The first two hours were completely miserable.  Note to self: do not drink a fruit smoothie prior to hiking.  I had outrageous heartburn that finally went down to a dull roar.  Not fun.

It was cold and foggy this morning – in the 50s at the start which gave me a great excuse to try out my Asics Arm Warmers (sleeves) which are made of a soft knit fabric vs a compression type material.  My wrists are very tiny and my upper arm much bigger by comparison.  They fit perfectly (warm too!) and they were the ideal companion until the sun came out then I just tied them to the outside of the pack.

We were going to hike all the way to Lake Ilsanjo which I mapped to be around 15 miles, but changed our plans due to my uncooperative body.  We hiked through redwoods, oaks, evergreens, massive ferns, around a marsh and a meadow.  Not sure why, but there weren’t many cyclists out and essentially nobody on foot!

I am feeling strong and have no muscle fatigue so, hopefully, next weekend will be a bit smoother than today.  Garmin mileage was 11.52.  I didn’t quite make my goal or time, but still think it is doable. Woohoo!

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