I decided to listen to Christopher and ‘stop running’…………..  a week off, what could it hurt? Heal the body and take some time to practice yoga at home, stretch, nest and knit.  Sounded good; but then too much sitting resulted in an inactive back and back pain and then stubbing the toe on a hand weight (it is ugly…. I think it  may be broken)..  and, did I mention that Sunday is the MOO COW Half Marathon.  Remind me, please NOT to listen! even if the advise might be good.

Tonight I heard about Doris Day’s new album; #9 on the UK charts.  When is the last time YOU thought about Doris Day?  For me, it was in the 60’s with Rock Hudson and now she accomplishes this at 87……. what an inspiration!!!  Love it   Thank you Doris – you made me once again realise everything is possible with some work!

Now to carbo load…. wish me luck on Sunday!

One thought on “Update

  1. Doris Day. You are right have not heard anything about her in years.
    Sorry to hear about the toe. I am still recovering from my fall. Getting better all the time. Took a 5 mile hike at Armstrong Woods and all was well.
    Hike this weekend?

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