Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2011

Yesterday, I walked up Powell Street on my way to pick up my race packet in Union Square.  On the way there, a small Falun Dafa demonstration/parade was coming down the street.  I only assume that it was sanctioned since it was preceded by motorcycle policemen.  There were crowds of pedestrians, traffic at a standstill not to mention that this is the main Cable Car line and there were hundreds of tourists deep awaiting their turn.  What were they thinking?  Another only in S.F. moment.

I arrived at the huge Nike tent and staging area which was mobbed with people.  The infrastructure of this race was amazing.  I realised that this would be the largest race I would participate in (20,000+) and the most costly ($140 1/2 marathon).  What was I thinking? The line for the half was non-existent and I preceded inside the very warm tent (yes, S.F. is having its Indian Summer and the weather was fabulous) to be told they couldn’t find me on the list even though I had the email with my barcode.  Off I went to the Solutions Desk (I applaud Nike for their race organisation and the staff in this area) where they found my name on a five page list of ‘problems’ (more people were on this list then in races I have recently entered!).  It seems that they charged my entry then credited it. I would still be able to participate, but needed to pay again.  This presented a couple of issues: I didn’t have a credit card with me (I was walking to/from carrying very little) and I didn’t remember receiving a credit.  Not having my very own Solutions Desk, I didn’t want to be solving this for months down the road – time to regroup.  I went outside and called my credit card company – even though it was a Saturday, they answered immediately (I love USAA!) and did find the credit.   I would have to come back with the credit card and after pondering this for a bit (they were giving all participants Tiffany necklaces at the finish line after all) I decided to skip this one.  Give me a Brazen Racing trail race, hills and all, any day over this chaos. With this new found savings, I see Hunter and Frye boots in my closet very soon!

We were out the door before 7a today to get Rebecca to the Oakland Airport and it was a very warm beautiful morning; ideal for a race. We passed the Raiders’ Coliseum where cars were already lined up for the 1p kick-off and stopped for a Blue Bottle Gibraltar on the way home.  I had no regrets  Life is good.


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