Sagittarius Walk

I could have called today’s walk a birthday walk or a Moo Cow reunion walk and have been accurate.  But it was a Sagittarius walk because Caroline, Sheila and I all share that astrological sign.  It was a beautiful, clear morning in Sonoma albeit a bit on the brisk side (frost was still evident on roof tops).  We decided to start at Sonoma Plaza and do a loop through the vineyards. I received a Jacque Lawson card today from a long time friend who lives in Colorado wishing me a happy birthday and hoping I was going to get outside and enjoy beautiful California (she lives in CO which has been hit hard by storms) – that we did! Thank you again Jesse, for my beautiful running top – you can see it peeking through on some of the photos.  The theme of many of our ‘urban walks’ this year seemed to be murals so I couldn’t let today disappoint and I was able to show Caroline some of Sonoma’s finest vineyard murals on today’s URBAN walk!  7.5 miles – totally pain free!  Wahoo.  This is the third walk/hike in as many weeks (Marin Highlands and Helen Putnam Park) and I am now encouraged to try some runs.  Though estatic I am proceeding cautiously.  I now own Jamie Koufman’s, Reflux Diet Book and will begin her induction diet on the 26th.  This basically is a reflux cleanse – no foods below a pH of 5 (which essentially includes all fruit and alcohol), no fatty foods (dairy, meat, chocolate), no common trigger foods (tomatoes, onions, chilis)  and certainly no packaged foods or sodas (this part is easy!).  I am hoping to end 2011 and begin 2012 as healthy and reflux free as possible (I have reduced the meds and want to be completely off them soon).  Keep your fingers crossed!  For those of you who have been dealing with this just keep experimenting as everything you eat is so individualised and on a trial and error basis of learning what you can ‘safely’ eat!

Enjoy pictures of today’s walk and winter in Sonoma!


One thought on “Sagittarius Walk

  1. well, that walk sure looked beautiful! I missed your birthday!! (obviously) So, Happy Healthy Birthday! I hope it was wonderful. By the way, I think 2 or 3 Thursdays ago, I was at Sebastiani in the parking lot at 7:00am. I figured you didn’t think I’d show. Anyway, hope all is well and…go to the Gap outlet in Petaluma and when you walk in on the right are ‘skinny skinny’ jeans. You will LOVE them. xoxox m

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