Remembering 2011

2011- Adaptability was the mantra.  Diagnosing ‘what ailed me’ took center stage over other things that were certainly more fun.  I learned quickly that I had to adapt my lifestyle markedly certainly in the food and exercise arenas.   Simplicity seemed to be the new direction of 2011 in overall lifestyle.  A new course had to be set, changes made and plans adjusted and this was okay!

I learned new things this year – more clay pot cooking knowledge, experimenting with heirloom beans, that walking could be embraced (maybe not as passionately as running, but certainly with both arms), new knitting techniques for the ever growing stash of yarn, thinking outside the box with fountain pens and  making my first small batch of sauerkraut.

And most importantly, 2011 taught me that I could count on my inner strength, to live in the moment, to be very grateful for who I am and where I am in life’s journey and that I have incredible and valuable friendships (both real and imaginery).  Life is good!

Mustard in the winter vineyards

Love my trail shoes! (and, nail polish)

Half Marathon Races

First signs of Spring

Sonoma Valley

Glen Ellen

St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Francisco

San Francisco Murals

Carnevale Murals San Francisco

San Francisco Painted Ladies

Carneros Napa County

Coastal Trail 

Portero Hill San Francisco


Ice Cold Martinis!

Mission Bay/Giants’ Stadium

Desolation Wilderness

NEVER too old!

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