Champagne and Chocolate 2012

Nothing marks the beginning of a new year for me better than my annual Champagne and Chocolate party which is typically held the first weekend of January.  I always find this a fun event because it brings together people from many different parts of my life and sometimes the year slips by so quickly that  I only see some of these friends at this party.  Since this has been going on for so many years, it is like a reunion for the guests as well and they can catch up with people they have met at these parties.  And, there have been some interesting re -connections as well – a few years ago two of my friends reunited after 20+ years and now have been in contact again.  I love this!

January is typically the time of year when we reflect on the prior year, do some soul searching and set unrealistic goals and resolutions for the new year; making promises that are not only difficult but impossible to achieve. Vowing to do something better, different or just doing something!   In the past I have been no exception to this and have framed my yearly resolutions noting that each year the list gets shorter.  Life is short (am I just realising this?) and I have redirected my thinking.

I have but one resolution this year – Yin Yang.  This is a belief that there exists two complementary forces in the universe.  Yang which represents everything positive and Yin which represents the negative.  Neither is better than the other; they are both necessary and a balance of both is what is desirable.  The magic word: Balance!  That is what I strive for in 2012.  I want to not only live in the moment but enjoy it as well and find the time to embrace all the things I so much love to do.

I want to continue to enjoy my journey with friends, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  It would be nice to log 1000 miles this year, do a few trail runs (Death Valley is calling again – Mike and Lisa, are you reading this?), create some new recipes, visit new wineries (Sheila thought one new one per month would be a great plan) and play with my ink and pens, clay pots, yarn and canning jars.  Cleaning out the garage would be an added bonus!

I know some of you asked for my toffee recipe which I would be glad to share with you just leave me a comment.  I look forward to what adventures lay ahead.  What story do you want to write for yourself this year?  I hope all find your yin and yang in 2012! 

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