Rules of Civility

I feel as if I woke up one morning and all the rules had changed.  The world had suddenly become filled with egocentric individuals with no regard for anybody but themselves.  The political climate has emphasised this certainly (truly non partisan) and has given permission for improper behaviour.  In reality this didn’t happen suddenly, it has been a progression over the years as electronics have taken over our lives and we must have immediate gratification as we remain glued to our screens unaware of our surroundings.

One has tolerance for nothing and nobody but themselves.  Mind you, I think that putting yourself in the number one position is healthy and wise, but not at the expense or without empathy & respect of others.  I notice committed relationships crumbling because one party thinks it is okay to suddenly disappear for days at a time for  unknown reasons. What happened to partnerships and team work? So many people are money driven that simple pleasantries have all but disappeared. Driving has become a game of roulette; you never know what somebody is going to do on the road – certainly, no more leisurely Sunday drives.  Nobody wants to put the time and thought into something before they act. There seems to be no boundaries for inappropriate expression. Take responsibility for your actions – what a concept – and one of the past. Think before you speak (remember that?).  I encourage you not to be that intolerant person; remember what your values are and get your inner compass back in sync. Don’t fall prey to this phenomena.

Maybe this is an age related observation.  The older you get the more you realise that time really is important and people in your life do matter. What are you so busy doing that you can’t take time to let them know this? Live and be in the moment, take deep breaths, think of others, be true to yourself and keep your mind and spirit toxic free.  OM!

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