Colour. Polish. Nails.

For those of you that know me well, know that I love colour.  I dream in colour; colour makes me happy.  You also know I love nail polish and there are so many colourful options.​
I have dozens of bottles of nail polish and change my nail polish often.  I also change my color palette with the seasons (it is almost time to say goodbye to Summer). Spring brings pastels, light pinks and nudes while Summer is all about white, bold and neon.  Fall is more subdued with metallics, khaki, red oranges, browns, dark teals, blood red and fall greens while Winter brings out some darker tones: blacks, steel greys, navy, deep purple, garnet and icy blue.   My go to neutrals are always blue (never can get enough cobalt and sky blue) and red – always red!  Taupe is ever present if you should need a subdued look. You can choose a glossy or matte finish. Don’t forget there is always glitter, shimmer, holographic polish and layering just for fun!! The possibilities are virtually endless. But, be mindful of your audience especially in the professional world; neon and glitter are not for every occasion.
My all time favourite brand is Chanel. I just love their formula, colours and wearability.  Zoya is a close second these days, but there are so many brands available with many different price points. Don’t discount drug store brands.  You can have lots of fun with an inexpensive bottle of interesting holographs.  Some new brands to me and on my radar: Cirque Vice, Trust Fund Beauty and ILNP.
Good nail health starts with a good diet, vitamins and lots of hydration.  I generally soak my nails in warm olive oil a couple of times a month; have done it for years.  I use a cuticle oil at night; Essie has an Apricot Oil that is good and CND Solar Oil is another option.  I’ve been making my own with Essential Oils using a combination of: tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, grapefruit and peppermint in a base of Vitamin E oil.
You need to take care of your polishes as well.  Store them upright in a dark cool place.  Clean the bottles after every use with nail polish remover and if the enamel is thick, thin it with a few drops of polish thinner NOT polish remover.
Don’t use your nails as tools; wear gloves when doing the dishes. Always use a base coat; your nails will thank you.  Apply thin coats and let each coat dry for a few minutes before applying the next one.  Use a top coat and reapply every day.  If your polish should chip and you don’t have the time to change it, apply a topper; e.g. glitter to the nail and maybe another random nail or two.  It buys you at least a day and gives you yet another look.  I would think nail art or decals could be a viable option as well. Using white or nude as your initial layer pops neon colours!
It might sound like this takes a lot of time, but actually it doesn’t.  I tend to change polish or give myself a manicure when I am reading or answering email.  Seeing my colourful nails during the day makes me smile; sometimes all that is needed! It’s always the little things.
Colour is a girl’s best friend.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement and to be bold with it.  Nail polish is just one way; there are so many others. Have fun!

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