It’s All About Choice!

Some musings as yet another September is about to end….

Do you ever get caught up in battling your sense of emotional balance?  You simply cannot feel good all the time no matter what those ads tell you.  So, it is wise to pick your emotional battles. It might be time to give up the ‘need’ to control, manipulate or always be right.  Focus on what matters most to you and what you really care about.  Get rid of the fluff and superficial things that are invading your space and concentrate on your core values and what give you inner peace.  Like everything else in life, happiness is an evolving process.  It starts and ends with you.

It is sometimes a struggle when thinking about what I should do versus what my moral compass tells me to do.  It is seemingly easier to please somebody else than yourself.  However, that is a downward spiral and never has a good ending especially if your decisions are fear based.  Take caution in doing something that isn’t in your comfort zone just to look good (is that contract all that important in the bigger picture of your well being?).  Pleasing others at the expense of yourself isn’t a viable option. Stop being concerned about what others may think; this is a huge dark hole. 

Have you ever said to yourself or the actual person, “you’ve changed and our relationship is not the same”? Consider some thoughts:  have they actually changed or has the situation changed and perhaps they are just reacting to it.  Were some promises unfulfilled?  Are you trying to control or manipulate them or the situation? Do you have a fantasy that is simply unrealistic in the moment?  Step back and evaluate carefully, you might not want to destroy a friendship based on a thoughtless knee jerk reaction as the odds are high that there has been no change in the person. Remember to choose your emotional battles wisely.  You are in full control.

Don’t get caught in the wave of emotional imbalance, stay grounded; you are in charge of yourself! Put all fantasies aside and live in the moment.  Get rid of “if onlys” and “what might be”.  Set aside some time each day to meditate and practice mindful breathing.  OM!

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