What I learned from the EMT

snoopy_with_her_foot_bandaged_by_bradsnoopy97-d9tjy3sOn December 9th, my friend Julia visited me in Sonoma and we had a lovely hike and lunch.  I got home, parked the car in the garage and got out deciding to arrange some boxes (I am finally! cleaning it out) and within seconds was on the ground.  It appears I tripped over a bag and landed on my knee cap.  My leg swelled to amazing proportions within seconds and when I touched my knee I knew it was broken.  I couldn’t move, the phone was in the car; thankfully the garage door was still open and a neighbor arrived within minutes and an ambulance was on its way.  Good thing I was wearing some older athletic pants as they were immediately cut off. 

I was totally coherent and in no pain which was bizarre in its own way when the ambulance arrived.  The EMT asked all the standard questions including what drugs I was taking.  For years I had a membership to RoadiD (which I highly recommend) since I never carried ID when I went running.  Recently I switched to the Health App (the one with the red heart) that is auto-installed on iPhones and set up my Medical ID.  Most of the information he needed was easily accessible.   He finds that the greater majority of folks do not complete this information and it is very, very helpful to First Responders (it actually can be life saving). This information can be accessed through the emergency feature on your phone even if it locked.   If your phone doesn’t have an App, go to the App Store and download the appropriate one for your phone, but it has to have the feature to access via the locked screen. Please take a few minutes to complete all the information and be sure to include your health provider and policy number.  I added my home address (add second homes too) and when traveling I add my hotel and the name/phone number of my traveling companion with the date.  If you have entered an athletic event add your bib number as this could be helpful.  Less isn’t more in this scenario.

Please do this!

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