It’s that time of year again – reflecting back and looking forward to new beginnings!  I am grateful for all the lessons I learned in 2017; the most important being living in the moment.  My world shifted while I was waiting for the ambulance last month.  I finally realised I was no longer invincible (I kept hoping!) and just how quickly everything can change.  I was lucky; it could have been much worse. 

No resolutions for me this year.  Just a one word mantra: BALANCE!  Achieving this balance is the key – you can’t be driven in any one direction by your heart or mind.  Obsession (be it work related or simply being fixated on a hobby) cannot take over.  So often you hear “the project will end in a few weeks”.  Those weeks often turn into months and years and everything spirals out of control.  One needs to feel grounded, calm and motivated daily to achieve the balance I strive for this year.

Draw a circle; divide it into sections and label each section with what is important in your achievement of balance.  Some examples might include: Health, Physical Activity, Relationships, Spirituality, Creativity, Career- you get the idea.  This helps me have a clear visual of areas that need attention.  You can become too self reflective and life’s experiences will pass you by or you can focus too heavily on the external side like work and not listen to your heart.  Too many opportunities for happiness can be lost unless that internal/external balance is achieved.  Don’t push the envelope too hard with career objectives without including those who mean something to you.  Enjoy the ride!

Be grateful!
Be mindful!

To new beginnings……..HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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