Pondering – Favourite things from Summer 2018

As Summer 2018 comes to an end, I wanted to share some things with you that I enjoyed in hopes that you, too, will enjoy them.  Do click on the many links and have a good time exploring.  Have fun!  Share some of your favourites.

keep moving…….

New growth / redwood trees


All the trails have been opened in Annadel State Park.  There is still a lot of fire damage that will take a long time to heal, but new growth is evident. It is sometimes difficult to look at, but I am thankful to be able to hike all these trails again.

Jenner Headlands Preserve just opened and I can’t wait to explore it.  If you have been there, do tell all!


It’s all about the colour yellow this year for me and what a perfect way to accessorize but with nail polish!  This is a great shade from OPI.

Converse shoes have always been a favourite of mine; more so now with  healing the broken patella.  I have added some new colours to my classics (Yes! they have yellow); the website often has good prices, too.


Sweater patterns by knitwear designer, Elizabeth Doherty of Blue Bee Studio.  I have knit three this summer and I am finishing up a fourth.  Knitters, if you haven’t experienced one of her patterns, I highly recommend doing so.  They are thoughtfully written and very easy to follow; she is a great teacher!


Favourite food truck eats: Tacos / Adobos N’ More, Green Tomato BLT / Fig Rig  and Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich / The Bodega.


Y’all know I love to cook and bake so I must share a couple of baking recipes from Sally’s Baking Addiction.  She always has great tips and her recipe blogs are always of interest.  The first is Coconut Macadamia Nut Cookies – my version used white chocolate chips in lieu of the nuts and I added some sprinkles for a bit of fun. Secondly, her Very Berry Muffins – I make traditional size muffins using buttermilk  with tons of frozen mixed berries, peaches, cherries and mango (whatever I have in the freezer for green drinks); mix it up!  You can freeze both and always have a quick breakfast or a cooky tea time treat!


For those of you who missed Senator John McCain’s final letter or Nike’s controversial ad.

An interesting article on travel.  Take a minute to read the statistics on Norway’s tourism; just amazing. 

Here’s the Thing, Alec Baldwin’s podcast was recommended to me and I thoroughly enjoyed his interview with Spike Lee.

I typically read library books and did a terrible job of managing my account this summer which meant I had a plethora of books to read. The popular genre seemed to be thrillers (certainly in my queue) and those plots all run together for me after reading a few.  I use Goodreads to organise my selections and I highly recommend my summer favourites: The Air You Breathe  (Peebles),   Varina  (Frazier)An American Marriage  (Jones),  Tangerine  (Mangan), and Warlight  (Ondaatje).

I am enjoying following the artist on Instagram: bymariandrew.  This is a most interesting post.  I find it utterly mind boggling that folks are communicating strictly by emoji and that your colour choice of a heart can make or break your relationship.  so.sad.


A gentle soul and long time friend died this summer of lung cancer.  It is once again a wake up call to take a deep breath and live in the present.  Don’t forget to say, I love you and mean it! 

Remember you aren’t being negative if you don’t agree with someone or if you know your own limitations.  Honor yourself and your beliefs.  Be kind!  #keepmoving #bethebestyoucanbe

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

~Buddha’s Little Instruction Book


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