This Magic Moment

This magic moment
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I kissed you
~The Drifters


A Yarn Story!

What’s a magical moment? Possibly a special feeling that you experienced. Sometimes these can be shared with others, but most often touch your inner spirit and are hard to articulate. It’s a connection of the human spirit and of pure happiness: a kiss, experiencing a sunset, a trail run, a first, an unexpected gift. It’s often something very simple and unexpected.

I had a great magical experience last December when the door bell rang announcing a package. A friend read my blog post (Fires Everywhere!)  about my knitting needles being stolen from my car during our horrendous fire experience and went to a community yarn store and with their help curated a package of “yarny” goodness just for me and sent it anonymously. I was overwhelmed by the generosity when I opened this picture perfect package. For a fleeting moment it was really all about me. I usually find when a person uses  the phrase, “it’s all about me” with someone it implies the scale  has tipped and it is no longer all about the other person! For this fleeting instant, time stood still and it was just me! me! me! and I was loving every minute anIMG_8244d every single item in this fabulous package. My creative magic was about to begin; the planning and decisions of what to make; almost as enjoyable as actually making the item. There is no instant gratification in this process, unfortunately. I finally decided to make a sweater, a scarf and a hat! The fun of knitting them was about  to begin! Yes, I did finish all of the projects – WOOT! WOOT!

Share some magic – it might not be that magic moment – those are spontaneous and touches something deep within you, but a little shared magic can be good for the soul. I feel so fortunate – I get a hug (on many levels) from the person who sent my package every time I wear one of my hand knitted items. And, who doesn’t like hugs!  Celebrate the accomplishment! #becreative #handknit #grateful


Create them.
Don’t wait
for them.











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