Coastal Trail
Coastal Trail

I’m a walker, hiker, yogi,  mother, grandmother, baby boomer who loves sunshine and being outdoors. I have been a hiker and walker as long as I can remember. But, I decided to start running seriously and entering races when I turned fifty and my goal was to run a marathon that year.  I completed three: San Francisco, New York and Chicago and have never looked back.  I didn’t have the time or patience to continue on with marathons so switched to half marathons preferring a longer distance run and have completed several of these including trail races.  My most memorable, and in my mind the Holy Grail of Races was the Dipsea Race which I completed two times. After a hip surgery in 2015, my competitive running days have come to an end, but not my love of the sport or the desire to be outdoors.

Before the Race
Before the Race!

In addition to all things ‘sole’ related I am passionate about reading,  knitting, collecting ink and fountain pens, paper crafts and baking!  I make conscious choices about what I eat and endeavour to eat as much ‘real’ food (and local) as possible.  Though I do not have a strict plant based diet, I eat well-sourced meat, poultry and seafood with organic vegetables and fruit being the focal point of great meals. My mantra is: keep moving!!!!

Top of Cascade Falls
Caroline, Victor and Me – Top of Cascade Falls

I initially decided to start a blog as a chronicle and scrapbook of my outdoor/indoor life.  Now, as time has progressed, my hope is to expand it into all parts of my life. And, if I can inspire another ‘solemate’ along the way that would be an added bonus!  Please feel free to comment; let’s start a dialogue!


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